Character: Jim

Day 1

Today, evr'yone thought ol' Huck Finn been killed. They prob'ly though I done it. I decided to run off. I stopped when I got to the island a little ways off.

Day 2

I woke up today, my first day by myself. After a while of being by myself, Huck Finn appears behind me. I though it was his ghost, but he said he wusnt. He even let me touch him to make sure. He says he wants to say with Ol' Jim. I guess I have a friend now.

Day 3

Today was the first day I had Huck tag along with me. We got a big storm today. We had to hide in the cave 'till it was over. Not much done today.

Day 4

Today a house came floating down the river. Me an' Huck decided to check it out. There was a guy dead on the bed in there. I saw him first, so I din't let Huck see the body for various reasons. We looted the house and then reutrned to the island.

Day 5

Today Huck decided to dress up as a woman and visit the town. He learned that the town was gunna search for me tonight. Me an' Huck packed up all our stuff and start to sail down the river, hopefully closer to freedom.