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Inherit the Wind
MY RATING: 6.5/10

Inherit the Wind is about a court trial where a man named Cates is on trial for teach about evolution in his classroom. In this case, the famous Henry Drummond, and his opponent, Brady, face off. Brady believes that the bible is right, and that evolution is wrong. Drummond doesn't really take either side, he tries to show thats it's up to what you want to believe in. This leads to a heated debate in which Cates gains a moral victory.

Likes: I liked it because I like reading about good court cases that shows how it went down.
Dislikes: I didn't really like the fact that religion was such a big part of the book. It could possibly be offensive to some people.

What can we learn?
We can learn to accept each other's differences, and respect what other people believe.

Essential questions:
How do we handle our individual differences?
We handle each other's differences by listening to what they have to say, explain why we think differently, and then accept that not everyone is the same as you.

Does tolerance equal acceptance?
Not Always. Just because we can tolerate something doesn't mean we accept it. If you can tolerate someone else's religion, that doesn't mean you accept what they believe in.

Can we tolerate someone/something without agreeing with them/it?
Like the last question, you might not agree with what someone believes in just because you can tolerate their religion.

Characterization Parahraph:
The Paragraph

Refections on paragraph:
I thought that my paragraph was okay. I could have added some things into it that would have made it more descriptive. I could have added another quote to make it connect to the book more. I also should have added a few more transition. But overall, I liked what I did with my paragraph.